Yixin Zhong

Immediate Past Co-President


  • Information Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
What I Do

He is a professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), China, devoted to teaching and research in fields of information science and artificial intelligence. Some of his publications related to IS and AI include the following:

Pseudo-Noise Coded Communication. PTT Publisher, 1979

Introduction to Informatics. China Sci-Tech Publisher, 1984

Principles of Information Science. BUPT Press, 1988 (2nd Ed in 1996, 3rd Ed in 2002, 4th Ed in 2005, 5th Ed in 2013)

Intelligence Theory and Technology: Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network. PTT Publisher, 1992

Principles of Cognition and Action in Machine: Information – Knowledge – Intelligence Conversion. Science Press. 2007

Principles of Advanced AI: Scientific Views – Methodology -Models – Theory. Science Press, 2014

Mechanism-Based AI Theory. BUPT Press, 2021

General Theory of Intelligence. Science Press, 2023

AI: Paradigm Revolution and Unified Theory. Science Press, 2024

Paradigm Revolution: The Only Road to General AI. China Sci-Tech Publisher, 2024