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The organization is governed by the presidents which are elected for a period of two years. To ensure continuity within IS4SI´s guidance the actual President is surrounded by an Immediate Past President and a President Elect. After the cycle of two years a new President Elect is nominated, the actual President Elect becomes President and the President becomes Immediate Past President.


The Vice-Presidents are elected for one period, but can be reelected for unlimited cycles. Each Vice-President is in charge of a special field of activity which is essential for IS4SI. He will develop the main strategic direction to establish and run this field successfully, as well as set up its operation together with the secretariat. As the field manager the basic decisions are dedicated to him.


The President is the main representative of IS4SI. He or she is IS4SI’s ambassador in the public and conducts IS4SI’s activities during his period. Together with the Vice-President for Protocol and the Vice-President for Funds the President is an authorized signatory of the organization. The President will host one international conference on information studies at the end of his election period.

Krassimir Markov (Bulgaria)

President Elect and Co-President Elect

The Presidents Elect will become President and Co-President after the end of the current period. To prepare the period of Presidency the President Elects are supporting the actual President in shaping the future development strategy of the organization.

Since the board elected two Presidents Elect for the period of 2023-2025, both will cooperate in the preparation of their presidencies, each of them with a different expert focus to better cope with the challenges which the study of information will certainly pose in the near future

José María Díaz Nafría (Spain)

Teresa Guarda (Portugal)

Immediate Past President and Immediate Past Co-President

The Immediate Past President will hand over his or her experience of IS4SI´s development within the last two years to the actual President and President Elect to ensure continuity of IS4SI progress. Together with the other Presidents the Immediate Past President is ensuring the improvement of IS4SI as an organization.

Pedro Marijuán (Spain)

Yixin Zhong (PR China)

Vice-President for Protocol

The Vice-President for Protocol is in charge of the internal organization, operation and legal representation. Together with the President and Vice-President for Funds he is an authorized signatory of the organization.

Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic (Sweden)

Vice-President for Funds

The Vice-President for Funds is in charge of the expedient usage of funds including the internal and external reporting. Together with the President and Vice-President for Protocol he or she is an authorized signatory of the organization.

Wolfgang Hofkirchner (Austria)

Vice-President for Transdisciplinary Projects

Multi- and interdisciplinary scientific approaches remain within their frameworks of disciplinary research. The concept of transdisciplinarity exceeds the multi- and interdisciplinary approach by integrating different disciplinary perspectives as well as aspects of applied science and considers socio-political questions beside the scientific analytical processes. It includes stakeholders by active collaboration to ensure a holistic view of knowledge.Transdisciplinarity is a guiding principle for the co-operation of IS4SI members, governed by the Vice President for this subject.

José María Díaz Nafría (Spain)

Vice-President for Institutional Membership

Following the guiding principal of transdisciplinarity, IS4SI aims to focus not only on research institutions, but also is inviting other public and non public organizations to participate on IS4SI´s activities as active institutional members. The Vice President for Institutional Membership is in charge of shaping this strategy to ensure the openness of the society to all those who want to participate on a high level research in the field of information and apply the results to day to day life.

Xueshan Yan (PR China)

Vice-President for Special Interest Groups

As the field of information studies is a widely spread area, touching almost all scientific disciplines, IS4SI´s activities have to be structured in core areas, based on the interests of IS4SI´s members. These Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are working groups, which assemble around specific issues of relevance to IS4SI and build the professional organizational frame of the society.

Zhicheng Chen (PR China)

Vice-President for Regional Chapters

IS4SI, as a global organization, has to face a lot of challenges resulting from geographical and cultural differences of its members. To cover the regional aspects of a scientific collaboration in a professional way, the Vice-President for Regional Chapters will shape the geographical organizational frame of the society.

Shigeo Kawashima (Japan)

Vice-President for Archives

Providing a representative knowledge base of scientific findings in the field of information studies to an international audience is an ambiguous target which has to be developed step by step and maintained continuously. IS4SI provides the service to present the scientific findings of its members. To give an representative overview regarding the field of information studies however, collaboration with other media is necessary as well. The Vice-President for Archives develops the policy and ensures the growth of the archive.

Wu Kun (PR China)

Vice-President for Research

IS4SI aims to carry out own research especially in the field of the fundamentals of information science in order to support the aim of establishing information science as a field of its own. To govern IS4SI´s policy in its own research activities the Vice-President for Research triggers all research activities.

Marcin J. Schroeder (Japan)

Vice-President for Educational Affairs

Information science as a field of its own requires the building of a systematic edifice of teachings as well as foundations for curricula. IS4SI will support its development coordinated by the Vice-President for Educational Affairs.

Yagmur Denizhan (Turkey)

Vice-President for Conferences

IS4SI will host one conference for the study of information during one election period of a President. Additionally IS4SI is supporting its members by organizing conferences on their request. The Vice-President for Conferences is the contact person for all of these activities, managing the services provided and ensuring best practice to those we support.

Jorge Navarro López (Spain)

Jorge Navarro López (Spain)

Vice-President for Publications

IS4SI offers the possibility of publishing open source contributions to their members. To ensure a fair balance between openness to enable a wide range of interdisciplinary discussion and the demand of scientific pertinence the Vice-President for Publications will ensure this requirement by managing the publishing activities.

Teresa Guarda (Portugal)

Vice-President for Communication

To fulfill the requirement of a global, interdisciplinary, scientific organization the aspect of communication becomes a central point in its success. Efficient communication exceeds the usual provision and transmission of information. Globalization and interdisciplinarity necessitate a strategy of managing this information in a way that the content reaches the specific recipient and understanding is guaranteed. The Vice-President for Communication is in charge of developing IS4SI´s communication strategy considering content and addresses as well as the technical tools and platforms.

Daniel Boyd (Netherlands)