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ISIS is offering two kinds of membership Individual Membership and Institutional Membership. As an ISIS member you have access to our services being provided within our members area, which will support your efforts in investigating or using concepts of information.

These Services are:

  • Page of personal presentation and access to the other members presentations.
  • Prepublication and discussion of articles on our website.
  • Present articles on a public ISIS page.
  • Participation in Special Interest Groups.
  • Access to ISIS archive.
  • Participation in working groups for curricula of information studies.

Individual Membership

Is for scientists and students dealing with information or information theory, but also non researchers from the industry or public institutions which are confronted with this topic by using or applying concepts of information in their work.
As member of IS4SI you will be invited to the general assembly and are entitled to vote. The membership fee is the equivalent value in EUR of USD 100 a calendar year. The membership fee can be reduced on individual request for single applicants (e.g. Students). In this case please contact the secretary general or any of the board members.

Institutional Membership

Is for research institutions and educational establishments, but also governmental or non governmental organizations or companies which are confronted with topics of information handling and using.
You will be invited to the general assembly as representative of your institution and institutional member of IS4SI and are entitled to vote. The institutional membership fee is the equivalent value in EUR of USD 200 a calendar year.

Sponsoring Members

All persons or institutions, who are interested in the development of information studies and want to promote research in this field, are invited to support us by sponsoring. Please don’t hesitate to contact the secretary general or any of our board members.

Application Process

Detailed information about the membership fee can be requested from our secretariat. Apply for individual or institutional membership on our application page. After the the application is submitted we will contact you, confirm your request and agree upon the membership fee. By ISIS articles the admission of new member requires a board decision which will be initiated after your request. After this took place we will contact you concerning the result and welcome you as a new member.