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Call for Papers

2023 International Summit on the Study of Information

           August 14 -18, 2023

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Venue: Beijing


  1. The International Summit for The Study of Information

Information is a fundamental natural resource, essential for humans and all living beings. Further, since raw information can be processed into new complex products, like knowledge, strategy, intelligence, etc., the significance of information is therefore even higher for human society. The study of information processes is thus a key issue for the information era.

The International Summit for The Study of Information (ISSI for short) is a biannual series of international conferences, dedicated to bringing experts worldwide together to exchange ideas, share progress, explore future trends in the Information Discipline, as well as facilitate collaborations between participants to meet new challenges. Each of the previous Summits attracted a large number of enthusiastic participants and achieved substantial success.

  1. The Sponsor and Organizer of ISSI’2023

The Summit is sponsored by the International Society for the Study of Information (IS4SI) and cooperated by the editorial offices of MDPI Journals of Information, Entropy, Mathematics and Philosophy, and also by Asia-pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (AAIA), which very well represents scientists, professors, engineers, technologists, managers, experts and students all over the world in the fields related to the study of information.

The 2023 International Summit on the Study of Information (ISSI’2023) is organized by IS4SI’s Chapter in Beijing, China and will be held Monday, August 14 – Friday, August 18, 2023 in Beijing. The Summit will consist of a series of academic fora, technical exhibits, and the organization of cooperative projects on-line, and/or off-line if allowed.

  1. Call for Contributions

All colleagues and friends interested in the study of information are welcome to submit to the Summit their abstracts of papers of not less than 2000 words. The abstracts will be peer reviewed by the Program Committees of the Summit and preferred abstracts will be selected for oral presentation.

These abstracts will be published in the Proceedings of the Summit. The best presentations will be selected for publication as the Chapters in a book in a series published by World Scientific, or recommended to the Journals of Information, Entropy, Mathematics, and Philosophy as well as others.

  1. The Theme of the ISSI’2023 Summit

Having noticed the fact that there have been greatly different demands in scientific view and methodology, which as an entirety is termed “paradigm”, respectively from the study of information discipline and from the physical discipline, “Paradigm Change in the Information Discipline”, has been selected as the theme of the ISSI’2023 Summit by the sponsor and organizer. A lecture explaining the theme will be scheduled at the opening session of the Summit.

All colleagues and friends are warmly welcome to join in the discussions on, and make contributions to, the conference theme via their paper(s).

  1. The Scope of the Summit

The scope of information science and technology and their potential applications is extraordinarily broad. The scope of the 2023 Summit corresponding to it is thus designed and outlined as follows:

5.1. Forum on Information Philosophy

    1. The concept, significance, and value of the informational turn in Contemporary Philosophy
    2. The connection and difference between the informational turn of contemporary philosophy and other recent philosophical turns
    3. The basic content and levels of the New Information Paradigm (NIP)
    4. A comparative study of the NIP and a material paradigm
    5. A comparative study on the relationship between information, knowledge, data, numbers, and intelligence
    6. The unity of the NIP in the development of contemporary philosophy and science
    7. A comparative study of the various fields of research paths in information philosophy around the world
    8. (8) Basic concepts and methods of theoretical research on complex information systems
    9. (9) Philosophical and technical foundations of information science and technology (virtual reality, human enhancement technology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum information technology, 3D printing, meta-universe)
    10. (10) Research on philosophical issues in Information Science, information technology, information economy, information and the intelligent society
    11. (11) New interpretations of Information Thinking in culture and art

5.2 Forum on Information Science

    1. Foundations of Information Science
    2. Theoretical Information Study
    3. Intelligence Science
    4. Mind Computation
    5. Mechanism of Intelligence Creation
    6. Embodied Intelligence
    7. Brain Cognition
    8. Mathematics for Intelligence
    9. Logic and Intelligence
    10. Neural Science
    11. Artificial General Intelligence
    12. Noetic Science and Cognitive Science

5.3 Forum on Information Technology (1)

    1. 5G and 6G Technology
    2. AI-based Intelligent Networking Systems
    3. High Performance Computing
    4. Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing
    5. Re-configurable Computing
    6. Quantum Computing
    7. Intelligent Computing
    8. Internet of Things
    9. Semantic Web and Web 3
    10. Big Data, Security, Privacy, and Block Chain

5.3 Forum on Information Technology (2)

    1. IT for the Human Body
    2. Affective Computing
    3. Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning
    4. Pattern Recognition and Knowledge Graphs
    5. Natural Language Processing and Understanding
    6. Intelligent Robots and their Applications
    7. Brain-Computer Interface
    8. Autonomous Driving
    9. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    10. The Meta-Verse and Future Computing

5.4 Forum on the Information Economy

    1. Information Economy Theory (Including objective, content, nature, method, function, history, and other basic problems of the information economy)
    2. Information Management (Including Accounting and Financial Information Systems, IT management, Knowledge Management, Commercial Management etc.)
    3. Digital Industrialization (Including 5G, Integrated circuit, Software, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Cloud computing, Block chain, etc.)
    4. Industry digitization (Including Industrial internet, Intelligent manufacturing, Vehicle networking, Platform economy, etc.)
    5. Data value (including Data collection, Data standards, Data pricing, Data transactions, Data protection, etc.)
    6. Digital governance (including Digital Government, Smart Cities, etc.)
    7. The Interrelationship between the Digital Economy, Information Economy, and Knowledge Economy

5.5 Forum on the Information Society

    1. The Information Society
    2. Intelligent Social Governance
    3. Education in the Information Society
    4. Medicine in the Information Society
    5. Human Nature in the Information Society
    6. Human-Robot Relationships
    7. Digital Culture
    8. Digital Sports

To be added and Revised


Abstract submission: by April 30, 2023

Notification of abstract acceptance: by May 15, 2023

Extended abstract submission: by June 15, 2023

Author registration: by July 15, 2023

Summit: August 14 – 18, 2023


Morning Sessions Afternoon Sessions
Monday Plenary Lecture / Technical Exhibits Information Philosophy
Tuesday Information Science Information Technology (1)
Wednesday Information Technology (2) Information Economy
Thursday Information Society General Assembly / IASI Inauguration
Friday Exhibits; Negotiation for Cooperation Closing Session – Art Shows

Note: each session may have one session or more parallel sub-sessions depending on the number of presentations confirmed.

           Download the full program  Advanced Program of 2023 IS4SI Conference



  1. International Advisory Committee


      Terrence Deacon (USA)

      Fuji Ren (China)

Members (In the order of Surname)

Joseph Brenner (Switzerland)

Mark Burgin (USA)

Zhicheng Chen (China)

Yagmur Denizhan (Turkey)

Jose Maria Diaz Nafria (Spain)

Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic (Sweden)

Luciano Floridi (UK)

Ben Goertzel (USA)

Jifa Gu (China)

Teresa Guarda (Portgal)

Huacan He (China)

George Hinton (Canada)

Wolfgang Hofkirchner (Austria)

Shigeo Kawashima (Japan)

Pedro Marijuan (Spain)

Krassimir Markov (Bulgaria)

Jorge Navarro Lopez (Spain)

Kang Ouyang (China)

Gustavo Saldanha (Brazil)

Marcin Schroeder (Japan)

Peizhuang Wang (China)

Pei Wang (USA)

Kun Wu (China)

Jiyi Yan (China)

Xuesan Yan (China)

To be added

  1. Conference General Chairs

Yixin Zhong (China)

Pedro Marijuan (Spain)

Conference General Co-Chairs

Liqun Han (China)

Mark Burgin (USA)

  1. Conference PC Chairs

Zhongzhi Shi (China)

Wolfgang Hofkirchner (Austria)

Conference PC Co-Chairs

      Yong Shi (China)

      Gustavo Saldanha (Brazil)

  1. Forum PC Chairs

Forum on Information Philosophy

Wu Kun (China),

Joseph Brenner (Switzerland)

Jose Maria Diaz Nafria (Spain)

Forum on Information Science:

Zhongzhi Shi (China)

Mark Burgin (USA)

Pedro Marijuan (Spain)

 Forum on Information Technology (1):

Guangwen Yang (China)

Jose Maria Diaz Nafria (Spain)

Yagmur Denizhan (Tuekey)

Forum on Information Technology (2)

            Zhicheng Chen (China)

            Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic (Sweden)

            Rao Mikkilineni (USA)

Forum on the Information Economy

            Xiaoyu Wan (China)

            Gustavo Saldanha (Brazil)

            Krassimir Markov (Bulgaria)

Forum on the Information Society

            Kang Ouyang (China)

            Wolfgang Hofkirchner (Austria)

            Changkai Sun (China)

            Jorge Navarro Lopez (Spain)

            Jinwen Ma (China)

  1. Members of Program Committee (in order of Surname)

Syed Mustafa Ali

Jean-Yves Beziau

Mark Burgin

Cungen Cao

Mihir Chakraborty

Meilin Chen

Yu Chen

Yuehui Chen

Zhicheng Chen

Tiejun Cui

Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic

Yagmur Denizhan

Biao Du

Guoping Du

Xiaoya Fan

Jiali Feng

Hongwei Ge

Ben Goertzel

Teresa Guarda

Sizong Guo

Wolfgang Hofkirchner

Hailong Ji

Yi Jin

Shigeo Kawashima

David Kelly

Kai Liu

Rong Liu

Minxia Luo

Jinsong Ma

Jinwen Ma

Lixin Ma

Yan Ma

Yuncang Ma

Krassimir Markov

Di Na

Kang Ouyang

Ruoliangren Pang

Xinmin Sang

Marcin Schroeder

Liang Song

Shiji Song

Changkai Sun

Jian Sun

Shu Tang

Lorna Uden

Benzhong Wang

Pei Wang

Tianen Wang,

Xiaofeng Wang

Zhensong Wang

Lei Wang

Guolin Wu

Feng Xiao

Baogui Xu

Jiyi Yan

Peifang Yang

Shengbing Zhang

Xiaohong Zhang

Chuan Zhao

Liqian Zhou

Yanquan Zhou

Nan Zhu

To be added …..

  1. Coordination Committee


Zhicheng Chen

Annette Grathoff


Joseph Brenner

Huacan He

Jose Navarro Lopez

Peizhuang Wang

Zhensong Wang


  1. Exhibit and Local Committees  


Jianxin Lu

Ting Xu

Guibao Xu

Chuan Zhao


Jinsong Ma

Meilin Chen

To Be Added

  1. Publicity Committee:


Shiguang Zhang

Dingtao Wang


Biao Du

Lu Zhang

To Be Added

  1. Publication Committee


Mark Burgin

Zhongzhi Shi


All Fora’ Chairs

To Be Added …

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