IS4SI Summit 2021 Japan

The ISIS Summit 2021 was originally planned to be held at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. Due to the worldwide COVID-19 borne measures of precaution it is most probable that the event will instead of a physical meeting be organized as online conference.
In any case, by the self-concept of ISIS as an umbrella organization, the upcoming conference, too will be designed as a joint conference inviting other organizations, working in the field, to participate the event by holding their own regular meetings under the umbrella of IS4SI´s summit.

This gains the profit to address a wider audience, which enables a deepened transdisciplinary exchange of the presented ideas. Furthermore the participating organizations and networks can use synergies of a pooled conference organization, which reduces efforts and relieves stressed budgets. The broad variety of significant topics and high level reviewed contributions shall increase the attractivity for the attendees.

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