Information has been considered as a fundamental constituent of the universe on a par with matter-energy, the missing link in the explanation of all the phenomena of the world. Other scientific streams consider information as something that pertains only to human beings. Between these antagonistic positions, a variety of theories exists and the scientific debate is still on-going.

In this way IS4SI wants to enable the integration of the field.

The International Society for the Study of Information (IS4SI) was founded as a new framework for transdisciplinary, global research to support scientists and research institutions worldwide in their efforts to inquire information.
In the information age, concepts of information impact almost all fields of study, so that IS4SI also aims to support all those who need to use results of information studies for their specific application.

Let’s unite in diversity!

Time has come for a self-reflection of Information Studies. Aims, scope and tools need to be contested.

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Target groups
  • Researchers
  • Research institutions
  • Professionals
  • Representatives of industry
  • Politicians
  • 2014:  120
  • 2015: 580
  • 2016: 1058
  • 2017: 1405…
Past Events
  • IS4IS Summit 2015
  • IS4IS Summit 2013
  • FIS 2015
  • ICP 2015
  • IS4IS Summit 2010
Upcoming Events
  • IS4IS Summit 2017
  • FIS 2017
  • ICP 2017











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IS4SI Summit Berkeley 2019

The IS4SI Summit will be held in Berkeley, USA
IS4SI 2019 Berkeley – CONFERENCE Website






IS4SI Summit Gothenburg 2017

The IS4SI Summit was held in Gothenburg, Sweden

Objectives specific to the overall purpose

carry out research into theoretical foundations of any scientific disciplines (natural, technological or social and human science) insofar as it deals with information, and to harness to that end transdisciplinarity and thinking in complexity

acquire and archive theoretical discoveries in the field of information that are
applicable for the development of technological and social innovations in the service of a
good society

lay the scientific foundations for appropriate programs of education in information

establish frameworks for the communication and exchange of ideas on the issue of information between and among scientists, engineers, philosophers, artists and students, as well as with professionals, representatives of industry, politicians and other opinion leaders and the public to foster scientific investigation

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Pedro-Clemente-MarijuanVice-President for Protocol

Let’s unite in diversity!

Wolfgang HofkirchnerVice-President for Funds

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Pedro-Clemente-MarijuanVice-President for Protocol

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Pedro-Clemente-MarijuanVice-President for Protocol

As an IS4SI member you have access to our services being provided within our members area, which will support your efforts in investigating or using concepts of information.

These Services are:

  • Page of personal presentation and access to the other members presentations.
  • Prepublication and discussion of articles on our website.
  • Present articles on a public ISIS page.
  • Participation in Special Interest Groups.
  • Access to IS4SI archive.
  • Participation in working groups for curricula of information studies.
Repository of documents

articles, books, presentations, reports, etc., self-archived by ISIS members

Interdisciplinary glossaries

concepts, metaphors, theories and problems concerning information