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ITHEA 2014

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The GIT 2014  XII-th International Conference General Information Theory  July 03-07, 2014, Varna (Bulgaria) within the ITHEA 2014 conferences.

The conference objective is to present and discuss current achievement in the fields of the General Information Theory. General Information Theory (GIT) is considered here not only as a pure theoretical discipline. While matter and energy are the foundation of material World, information is the foundation of the mental world as well as of the interactions in alive beings and within their communities. It is the leading factor in evolution and genetics. It is the basis of intellectual activity. Studying intelligence, we should take broader approach discovering the role of information, generally speaking, in life. The time has come to work out more uniform and general, deeper understanding of information processes which support the noosphere.
In this, broader sense, we should again and again turn our attention to the philosophy, interrelations between material and mental, correlate the notion of information in communication, biology, humanitarian areas and the physics of micro world.
We strongly believe that the progress in AI is tightly tied with our deeper understanding of informational processes, in general. The conference is dedicated to this broad issue.

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